Tuesday, August 27, 2013


One of my most favorite websites is currently www.loonwatch.com, which I already mentioned in Dreams of Trespass. The purpose of this website is “to monitor and expose the web’s plethora of anti-Muslim loons, wackos, and conspiracy theorists,” and the reason why it’s one of my most favorites is that not only it serves as a valuable source of information, but it’s also highly entertaining. It’s was on this site where I first learned the theory about President Obama being a secret Muslim and conspiring with Islamic terrorist groups  to destroy the U.S.

I remember feeling shocked and relieved at the same time. Shocked because it seemed unbelievable what some people were capable of coming up with, and relieved because I figured that at least nobody could ever take this stuff seriously.

Imagine my surprise when one of my Facebook “friends” started to share similarly bizarre articles on his wall. In fact, when I read the first one, I started to giggle, because I thought it was a satire – something like www.theonion.com. But when I realized that not only he was being serious, but that he also wasn’t beyond adding comments that could be summarized as “another Sunni Muslim dead – how awesome!”, I got worried (and realized that my FB friends list needed some serious cleaning). In the end I couldn’t stand it anymore and posted a comment under one of the articles suggesting to at least check his sources before he engaged in spreading hateful and racist propaganda. Because trust me, the source he was using was NOT a reliable source!

It’s not that I can’t deal with people around me having a different opinion – I can. But there is “opinion” and there is “bullshit,” and the stuff that comes from articles written by Walid Shoebat and his followers belongs definitely to the second category.

So, let’s go over the reasons why:

Walid Shoebat is a self-proclaimed ex-terrorist, who supposedly saw the light in the early 90’s and converted to Christianity. It’s been his calling in life ever since to educate the world about the dangers of Islamic terrorism.  He has been making shitload of money from writing books and giving lectures, and in some states even convinced the Homeland of Security to pay him for his expertise.

You have to give it to him, he is very hard-working! The discoveries he made in order to protect America are truly remarkable! Obviously, he is one of the heroes who found out all about President Obama and his true identity (i.e. secret Muslim working for the Muslim Brotherhood), having actually said publicly that “Obama is in bed with terrorists.” But he also keeps track of less-influential, yet still dangerous elements like the wife of the former senator Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin. Her crime? Well, she did marry a non-Muslim, which clearly indicates that she is up to no good!

Apart from pieces about Christians being repeatedly persecuted by Muslims from all around the world (some of which are even true, just a bit embellished, but some of which, strangely, no one else ever heard of) we can also obtain valuable information about Islamic cannibalism (no, I’m not kidding), the Pope being a heretic, and the striking parallel between Islam and Nazism (Islam actually being considered the WORSE evil from the two). Just read his blog.

It’s clear that Walid Shoebat deserves every penny from American taxpayers for all his contributions to the society. Especially considered that he is trying very hard to stay well-rounded and watch out for other threats than Islam; for example homosexuality (“homo tyranny is coming, if we don’t stop it!”) and Democrats. If you are a Christian, and you are not sure about what’s right and what’s wrong, all you need to do is consult Walid Shoebat and he will set you straight in no time!

There is, of course, one little problem with his expertise and that is his credentials being, well, fake. CNN did an  extensive research on Shoebat a couple of years ago with the help of Israeli authorities (which is sort of ironic because Shoebat is a fierce defender of Israel and its policies in the Middle East) and found out that neither of Shoebat’s stories about his past checked. The administration of the prison in Israel, where Shoebat was supposedly held for his terrorist activities, found no records of him. His relatives testified that to their knowledge Shoebat was never involved in any kind of shady activities. The authorities in Tel Aviv didn’t find one single record of the bombings Shoebat claims being a part of.

So what the hell!?

What I found most surprising (and hilarious), is the testimony of Debbie Schlussel on her own blog. Why hilarious? Well, because Debbie Schlussel is a female, blond, blue-eyed version of Shoebat when it comes to Islam. She has made her business to fight it in all forms, and based on their agenda, one might conclude that Shoebat + Schlussel are a match made in heaven. Yet even Schlussel exposes him as a fraud and provides evidence of Shoebat plagiarizing her work and harassing her from a false e-mail address.

I don’t know how you, but even if I was willing to believe that CNN, together with other investigative journalists, simply tried to frame Shoebat, and that they somewhat managed to convince the Israeli authorities to play along, I have a difficulty to believe that Shoebat might be genuine when even activists from his own camp tell the public that he is a quack who cannot be trusted!

As you can probably imagine, I can’t take the agenda of a born-again Christian, who said publicly at a conference that the only way how to deal with Muslims is to “kill them all, including their children,” very seriously. Shoebat is taking advantage of the post-9/11 fear of Islam and manipulates people who are too dumb to employ critical thinking when reading his stuff. Because it’s one thing to oppose Islamic extremism and to express concern about recent events in Egypt (trust me, I do too!), but it’s entirely different story to twist such events around to perpetuate the anti-Islamic hysteria that threatens well-being of all the peaceful Muslims in the world who are guilty of only one thing – being Muslim.


Adam Russell said...

Anti-Muslim sentiment in today's day and age is a repeat of the McCArthy'ism of the early Cold War era. Instead of finding Communists under every rug, in every nook, and cranny, we now must seek and destroy Muslims.

It's a cheeseball way that historically has proven to work as a masterful manipulation. Meanwhile, Americans are so jacked up to hate Muslims, that they turn a blind eye on American corporate interests whose sole desire is to suckle the great teat of the Saudi Family and subsequently grow oil fat.

I'm not saying America isn't also doing some good in the world, but why is it we tend to see a need for Democracy only in resource rich cultures?

Anonymous said...

Wow I didn't know I'd be the subject of a blog. Cool. Liberal panties in a wad. Martina, Martina. You in more words said I place all Muslims as terrorists, right? I'm pretty sure my comments are aimed at individuals. Though I will concede that I believe ANY Muslim brotherhood member or sympathizer is for ISLAMIC SHARIa law. Which I will have none of. I know you don't believe a word from walid, but when you then tell us of how awesome CNN journalists are I laughed out loud. I get it you want a utopian society where we can all just get along. I have news for you...Islamic jihadists don't give a fuck. Its CONVERT OR DIE. find me one Islamic cleric leader imam that has said one word about anything denouncing terror. I called out obamas brother, Valerie jarrett, huma abedin, the Saudi royal family, the Saudi national who somehow went from suspect to innocent bystander, John McCain Lindsey graham and a few others. What do they have in common? The answer isn't that they are Muslims. It's they are in bed/tied to the brotherhood. Hope this clears things up. I am not against muslims. I am against radical Islamic militants who hope to spread sharia law and establish their caliphate. Thanks for playing though. You don't know me!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah almost forgot. Cutting and pasting from wikipedia doesn't constitute the "truth" either

Global Chick said...

Dear Anonymous-

-that's why I don't do it. Cutting and pasting from Wikipedia, I mean. In fact, even though I do sometimes use Wikipedia as a starting source when I'm looking up an information, in this case I didn't have to - there are so many sources on Walid on-line that Wiki would be a waste of time.

I don't know where in my post you read that I consider CNN journalists "awesome" - all what I did was to mention that they ran an investigation on Walid. I'm very skeptical of media in general because they usually have their own agenda - and they are very rarely impartial. In this case, however, I find highly unlikely that their results would be false, because the case was so big and the Israeli authorities were involved. There were also plenty of other organizations/individuals checking Walid's background, but my blog posts can be only so long, which is why I picked the best known to mention.

If you did some serious research for a change, you might find out that there were hundreds of not only imams, but all Muslim communities that denounced violence in general, leave alone terrorism after 9/11 and continue to do so until now. But Walid doesn't want you to know that and you clearly don't like thinking for yourself much, so you wouldn't have a clue.

Your claims about people like John McCain or Huma Abedin are ridiculous. There is absolutely no evidence for that. Walid is twisting and stretching fact to make connections between events and people without a shred of real proof. For example one of his so-called "proofs" of that Obama was in bed with terrorists was than the President said in public that he found the sound of a call for prayer from a mosque melodic and calming. According to Walid, A PROOF! According to people with more than half of a brain - BULLSHIT.

People like you remind me of the fact that Christians and ultra-conservatives represent the same danger for a free, democratic society like any Muslim extremist.

Anonymous said...

Once again you are wrong. I don't have a problem with Muslims or Islam. I actually believe in freedom of speech religion and personal liberties, basically THE CONSTITUTION So I must be an extremist. Which I know is one of your new democratic talking pointsI have a problem with the terrorist organizations that are trying to infiltrate, intimidate, kill America. My country. Again, nice try

Global Chick said...

Oh, I feel much better now knowing that! You don't have a problem with Muslim or Islam, yet you promote work of a person who told the press that the solution for dealing with Muslim extremist is to kill not only them, but their children. And that the only way how to deal with Muslims in general is either to convert them, or to kill them off. Bravo! That sounds constitutional all right!