Friday, December 12, 2014


Despite my mostly positive and optimistic nature there are some things in life that irritate me a great deal, and one of them is what could be summarized as “much ado about nothing”. It bugs me especially with regards to social justice.

Just think about it: There are people in the world starving to death at this very moment, but we have activists who would rather engage in a dispute whether all non-vegans are anything but a bunch of selfish, cruel animal killers. Women are dying during childbirth due a lack of basic medical care, but feminists complain how they are oppressed by a commercial for a lipstick. Millions of children won’t make it past puberty due to malnutrition and diseases, but articles on social media talk about how the poor in this country DESERVE to have an iPhone, goddammit, and they are going to get it, because everyone NEEDS to have something nice in their lives!

And then there is the war on Christmas.

From all the cultural wars I have been exposed to in the past couple of years I’m finding this one so idiotic that I don’t even have words for it (except that I better find some now when I decided to write a blog post about it).

And I’m glad to announce that I find both sides of the argument equally stupid. On one hand, I really don’t buy the claim of (some) Christians that they are persecuted in this country by liberals who are out there to destroy their “most sacred holidays.” On the other hand, I have no patience for (some) liberals who act like everyone who wishes somebody “merry Christmas” is committing a heinous act of oppression.

Just so I won’t be picking on American society only: I was recently shocked to find out that there was a huge flame on one of my favorite Czech blogs after one of the members challenged others by asking why do non-Christians, who clearly don’t believe in Jesus Christ having been born, bother to celebrate Christmas? Why do they insult true believers by decorating trees and singing Christmas carols – can’t they see how OPPRESSIVE it is to those for whom the holidays have a deep spiritual meaning!? Why can’t they find some other time to get together with their families to share a meal!? And so on.

And that’s Czech Republic, one of the least religious country in Europe! Sometimes I seriously feel that there is no hope…

Anyway, if you are wondering what my position on this is, I will have you know that it could be summarized into a statement WHO CARES!? Personally, I’m more worried about how many people will be in the streets on Christmas Eve with no holiday meal and no family to go to. You feel free to celebrate Christmas the way see fit, but please, give the same freedom to others. And don't get too worked over silly little things, I beg you!

Personally, if I get a Christmas card from a friend that says “let us celebrate the miraculous birth” or whatever cards like that say, I will NOT get my panties in the twist even though I’m not a Christian, because I understand that for my Christian friends Christmas do have a deep spiritual meaning and they probably just wanted to share it with me (and bought their postcards in the bulk) rather than attacking my spiritual beliefs.

It really IS that easy! Please, see below:

And, you know, I happen to love Christmas (yes, I’m one of those shady characters who participate in all those holiday festivities without truly believing that God sent his Son to save us). It’s quite possible that I will say “merry Christmas” when you bump into me somewhere, because as a rule I refuse to stop with every individual for five to ten minutes to think frantically about what I remember about that person’s religious beliefs. It's a phrase; it's what people say to each other when they are trying to communicate that there is something special about this part of the year. If you are really one of those people who feel “oppressed”, “attacked”, and/or “invalidated” by something so simple like a person smiling at you and saying a greeting, please, shoot me an e-mail so I can let you know what part of my anatomy you are welcome to kiss!

That being said:

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